Stencil, Jigs & Fixtures Development

Stencil Design and development

Inputs Required :

  • PCB / Panel Gerber file
  • Bare PCB or Panel
  • Assessing PCB Assembly process – Solder Paste or Glue, Single side or Double side, RoHS or Sn / Pb and other attributes

Design & Development Process :

  • Design approach – Stencil Frame Size Required like 23”X23” / 29”X29”, 650 x 550 mm
  • Stencil thickness for Paste process / Glue process – whether step stencil required
  • Squeeze Print direction
  • PCB orientation, Alignment for Top and / or Bottom side
  • Fiducials requirements – Half etched, full etched, no. of fiducials, locations map w.r.t Bare PCB.
  • Aperture reduction and shape changes, best suitable for required process and SMT Infra
  • DFM Study, Aspect Ratio, Area Ratio
  • Stencil finish to ensure smooth paste / glue release during printing
  • Other criticalities based on process and customer needs

Output :

  • Checkplot with all dimensions, fiducials, apertures and technicalities
  • DFM sheet with Aspect ratio, Area ratios
  • Physical Stencil fabrication based on final check plot approval, technical specs and best suitability as per Bare PCB and process requirements

Jigs / Fixture Hardware Design & Software development

We provide Turnkey solutions in terms of both Hardware & Software to meet the Test specification for PCBA functional testing as per customer requirement

Input Data Required :

  • CAD/ Gerber Data.
  • Bill of materials with IC part numbers.
  • Schematics
  • Functional test Specifications with Test points details
  • Assembled Golden Sample PCBA
  • PCBA Overview
  • PCBA Connection details.
  • Special Hardware/ software requirement.

Hardware Design Capabilities :

  • Mechanical & Pneumatic fixtures
  • Side Access options
  • Fixtures for Flash/ISP Programming
  • Probe selection as per the current requirement and board design constraints.
  • Design cabinet for test fixture enclosure

Test Software :

  • Automated Test Sequence with final Pass/Fail
  • Customizable Software interface
  • Easy to use interface.
  • Multi Programmer Support
  • Password protected Admin & Operator Login
  • Barcode scanner support.
  • Data Logging.