BOM Servicing and Procurement

BOM Servicing and Procurement

The main objective of a procurement or sourcing process is to meet targets and produce financial improvements. Business owners simply cannot afford to invest in low-cost markets and not derive profitability. Incidentally, many businesses that go into markets without procurement consultants face significant hardships. Cutting down costs can seem next to impossible without quality compromises. In such a scenario our expertise of procurement can be quite vital. Our procurement professionals with core market knowledge can do a thorough analysis of processes to identify key points of cost reduction.

Analysis of costs involved during production is only possible if the said costs are documented to the very last detail. If any materials are left out or ignored, maintaining sustainable production can become difficult. BOM Cost Reduction is a strategy that can help in this regard

Our Procurement professionals serves many functions including optimizing costs by analyzing the Bill of Materials, Procure Material thru OEM and Authorized Distributors like Arrow, AVNET, Excel Point, Raybyte and other.
We do sourcing both Domestic and International to have best pricing and delivery

1. Current Cost Analysis

  • Our Procurement expert performs analysis of BOM who are well versed in manufacturing norms. They are quick to identify any areas where improvements can be made. The average business owner does not know how to micro-analyze purchase details.
  • This involves analyzing all the costs involved in currently ongoing Purchase. Every little expenditure is looked into during the analysis phase. We can propose to consider alternatives at certain stages to lower costs while maintaining quality. The goal is to boost your profit margins as much as is possible. 

2. Implementation of Strategy

  • Our Expert use market research and use their contacts across markets to identify affordable alternatives. Trusted sources are identified for sourcing manufacturing parts, components, assemblies, and any other materials needed.
  • A plan of procurement with intended Delivery and Price will help Customer to have stable price and delivery of Final product and avoid any spikes in Cost or Deliveries.

3. Planning Future Requirements

  • We continuously monitoring BOM for Obsolescence, Price and delivery so our Customer knows well in advance for any change in Price, Delivery or Obsolescence, so the corrective action can be taken well in time.
  • We order to our supplier on Rolling Delivery Basis so the continuity of Delivery is maintained and no additional Working Capital is engaged.