Virus Stopping Sticky Mat


The clean room sticky mat features a tacky surface, which pulls off dirt and dust from shoe soles before they can contaminate a "clean room." Effective and easy to use, each sticky mat has 30 layers of a tough film laminated together in a stack. Once the top film is contaminated, simply pull it off and discard. Clean room sticky mats offer economical dirt control for low-profile carpet, tile or concrete surfaces. These sticky mats are ideal for hospitals, laboratories and other sterile environments.


Simply place on floor, usually outside of clean room environment to trap particles before entering.


N/A: These mats are not traditionally cleaned. Rather, simply pull back the tab for the topmost layer, remove and discard.

  • Each case contains 30 layers per pad
  • Tacky polyethelene surface: 1/8" thick (total thickness with all 30 layers - thickness will diminish with each sheet used)
  • Material: Polyethylene
  • Pad Thickness: 1.8 mm
  • Structure of Mat
    • First Cover sheet 60um
    • 30 Disposable Sheets 50um
    • Self-Adhesive Sheet 60um
    • Last Cover Sheet 60um
  • Numbering: Mark Numbers (1 to 30) On Thirty Peel Tags
  • Adhesive Power: 160 g / 25mm +/- 10
  • Ability of Dust / Bacterial Removal: 99.9% in Five Steps (100kg)
  • Measurement (By KSA 1107-92):
    • Thickness: +/- 0.005mm
    • Width: +/- 3mm
    • Length: +/- 3mm
    • Tensile Strength: More Than 1.2 kg / 10 mm
    • Heat Resistance: Pass ( At 70 +/- 30 C / 48 hours)
    • Cold Resistance: Pass ( At -13 +/- 30 C / 48 hours)

The Ams

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  • +91 (981) 822-1773

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