Printed circuit board assembly (PCBA) has been one of our core expertise. We provide our customers with the highest quality printed circuit board assembly design and assembly services. we focus on assembling, manufacturing sub electronic systems and full products from A to Z. Through our extensive expertise and cutting-edge standardized equipment, we, as an EMS company, are able to support your project. From a logistics perspective also. AMS is capable of handling the smallest size possible, in line with the miniaturization of the electronics industry and market requirements. The AMS performs PCBA project management, design, documentation and artwork generation by using the latest software technologies to produce the highest quality products. Our Program Managers and Engineers are experts in CAD Star, Allegro, PADS, Mentor, Altium and CCT for PCBA layout. Through lean manufacturing, continuous improvement and 5S, we provide the same level of quality to all our customers. The AMS being an expert in electronic circuitry makes us the perfect EMS partner to successfully enter new markets.


Whether manual or automated our production lines are developed for accuracy and speed in assembly. This focus produces high quality assemblies in a decreased time to market.

Our highly skilled and trained employees participate in certification programs assuring error-free assembly processes. Engineering and management teams are continually improving quality processes to maintain the highest levels of performance.


  • Electro-Mechanical Assembly: Products Containing: PCBAs, Shafts, Bearings, Motors, Gear trains, Drive belts, Position sensors, Stepper motors, Servo motors, Cutting mechanisms, Heat sources, Fluid handling mechanisms
  • Electrical Assembly: Products with main electrical design and manufacturing experience, SMT, Thru-Hole
  • Mechanical Assembly: Injection molded plastic parts, Blow molded plastic parts, Compression molded parts, Precision metal stamping, fabrication and finishing, Die Casts, Stamped and forged, Extruded plastics and metals, Heat staking, Ultra sonic welding
  • Box Build: High end PCBA/enclosure assembly, including firmware loading and full functional test, RF capabilities, Potting, Conformal coat

As our company name implies Agile manufacturing services works on Agile Methodologies to deliver the best-in-class quality products. The AMS team of Quality Engineers are involved from the beginning of the project, assuring consistency in manufacturing. Our test team is skilled in analog and digital electronics, measurement engineering, software, modeling, complex project management with hydraulics, pneumatics, optics, motors. It takes on new challenges all the time. While working on new products and solutions, fully integrated Testing, Verification and Validation services are undertaken to ensure high usability, performance and quality assurance

  • To improve product maturity & reliability during the design phase.
  • To organize dedicated measurement campaigns.
  • To simplify full integration of a system by simulating degraded modes and unexpected event behaviour.
  • To allow a complete production test before delivery, including functional testing of equipment.
  • To help for an efficient diagnosis during life through activities.
  • TOOL
  • At The AMS, we are aware that tool design is one of the most important processes that enable the realization of the end-product. Our experience in tool design, and presence of knowledgeable staff helps us overcome any challenges faced by the manufacturing industry. Apart from creating new tooling designs and fixture drafting devices, we are also well-known for our expertise in refining existing tools. We can proudly say that our teams of expert problem-solvers can provide your company with best engineered solutions in the industry. That, coupled with our engineering experience and partnership with the industry's premier suppliers, helps us deliver manufacturing products that meet international quality standards.

  • The AMS chooses high quality mold material & strictly follow hardness treatments. All of our molds design will be double check with clients before cut, then make sure 80% passed by first time test & guarantee delivery time. Strictly control quality, making time & cost in order to reach double win. We always insist on the quality principle of "Pay attention to details". High quality is our first & important seek, do best service after sold is our promise. Always will provide professional advice, strict management & good service. AMS assures of satisfaction with our plastic mould, molding solution and service.

  • AMS strongly believe that prototyping is the first step of a long term, trustworthy partnership. Our understanding of the challenges involved in prototyping enhances our ability to offer our customers a wealth of advantages, and near-series tests with the required testing scope that enable the physical realization of the concept in a rapid phase. Many a times customers want a functional or sometimes even non-functional prototypes to understand the physical and functional aspects including industrial design validation for an idea in making. We support our customers with prototyping which helps them in the conversion of an idea to a physical realization as the first step towards Industrialization. AMS provides comprehensive professional support in prototyping services guided towards mass production.

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