At THE AMS we believe in empowering your capabilities and keeping you at ease. Always! Employees at THE AMS have access to skill development trainings, workshops, client exposure, and on-site travel opportunities. Being a design and manufacturing hub, we offer innovative projects and ideas to work on, and constantly recognize your efforts. We are a geographically diversified and vertically integrated design and manufacturing unit. We are focused towards constant innovation and customer satisfaction. Our journey of design and manufacturing keeps you engaged with applying your learnings constantly. Each contributor at THE AMS works on the latest technology. There is a lot to learn at THE AMS, as we cater from Cloud to IoT, networking, camera and vision, defence, industrial, automotive and the FPGA industry. Be a part of the THE AMS team for an onward and upward journey!

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    The AMS Values

    The AMS holds a strong value system. Our values speak for us, they represent our ethics, culture and commitment.

    Share Openly and Transparently

    We encourage every individual to forward with ideas that are aimed at providing excellence.

    Collaborate, Inspire, and Create

    We believe in “Doing Great Things” together which lay the foundation of innovation.

    Solve for The Customer

    We deliver innovative and competitive products and services to our customers, suppliers and stakeholders.

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