Quality Assurance

Quality for us refers to work that meets and exceeds client or company expectations.


In order to be able to deliver the right quality, we need to understand your quality expectations. Initially we carefully review your requirements, both unique requirements for a specific PCBA as well as general requirements. We will review your designs and production files and if needed assist you with technical guidance.
Based on your requirements and expectations we will carefully select the most required process based on IPC standard.
In order to achieve this, it is all about control – Our quality control is made step by step, process by process, by our own people, from our first contact to point of delivery. As a customer to Agile Manufacturing Services, you define what you need – we know how to achieve it.


To enable us to select the most suitable production and the most effective PCBA supply for your product we carefully evaluate all parameters before we approve them. Following initial approval, we have an audited and assessed process to follow up, control and develop their performance.


Our Components ordering process starts with your order. We adhere to delivery date promised and this will be monitored from first registration until delivery has been signed at your point of delivery.
Your order will be monitored and controlled by our procurement experts.

You will feel satisfied with receiving your order at the right moment with right quality.