The AMS – an acronym for Agile Manufacturing Service is a unique platform created by a team of seasoned professionals and it all started with simple Idea.

Our in-house expertise to guide our partners through every step of the electronics product development journey – from inception of a new idea to its final production on the factory floor. Our team connect our clients with suitable platform for electronics design; our project managers help our clients oversee the finer points of the manufacturing process, ensuring a seamless and pain-free execution experience for our clients. We believe that a great idea should never be discarded because of any hurdle on the way to reality.

AMS is an Electronics Manufacturing Service provider for end-to-end management of electronic systems right from “Concept to Reality” including manufacturing and design, DFM improvements


Agile Manufacturing Services

Concept to reality!

Promoters and Co Founder

Ashish K Verma

Expertise of over 35 years in Electronic Manufacturing
Operations, Process and Quality

Harish Tandon

Expertise of over 25 years in Business development in different Market Segment (B2B, B2C, B2B2C) and different geography
Business Development, Customer Interface and Strategy

Manish Kumar

Expertise of over 22 years in Supply Chain, Computer Networking
Planning, Supply Chain Management and Finance Control